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Welcome to the interactive Trends Viewer tool designed to allow you to explore the data underlying the Philly Political Media Watch Project of the Internet Archive's TV News Archive! From September 1, 2014 through the election of November 4, 2014, 7 television stations in the Philadelphia market were monitored to identify all politically-related advertisements. In all, 74 distinct political advertisements were identified which collectively aired 13,675 times during the 65 day monitoring period. Each advertisement was assessed for time devoted to functional content, using the approach elaborated by William Benoit, Ph.D., most recently in his 2014 book, A Functional Analysis of Political Television Advertisements. Archive staff scored each ad along the dimensions of "Acclaim" (positive comments about candidate), "Attack" (negative comments about opposing candidate), and "Defend" (defending candidate against attacks by opposing candidate), along with typing up a transcript of its spoken content. A similar approach was taken by a team at the University of Delaware's Center for Community Research and Service lead by Associate Professor Danilo Yanich, in their study, Political Ads & Local TV News - Philly 2014.

Note that you will find some oddities in the data due to the way in which the human coding cataloged the advertisements. Each ad was categorized with the name of the primary candidate discussed, meaning that an attack ad run by one candidate against another will be cataloged under the second one's name, even if the other half of the advertisement lauds the candidate running the ad. This will yield nuanced results, such as comparing the ads focusing on Aimee Belgard vs those sponsored on her behalf.

This tool allows you to interactively explore and visualize the resulting trends (the raw datasets are also available for download). Using the form below, you can select any pair of candidates, parties, races, status, win/lost, sponsor, sponsor type, television channel, or even keywords found in the transcripts, or any combination therein, to compare their respective trends during the 2014 election cycle. If you specify multiple options they will be combined together. For example, you can compare ads focusing on Tom Corbett that were paid by Tom Corbett for Governor vs those paid for by Tom Wolf for Governor. Or, compare all ads mentioning the two candidates from any sponsor. Or ads focusing on candidates that ultimately won vs lost. Or, compare the ads run by the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers vs those run by the House Majority PAC. Or, those mentioning "school" vs "job" in the transcript of the ad. Or, simply, view the overall trends for all 13,675 advertisement airings.

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Summary Statistics

The four charts below offer a summary of overall trends. See the description under each graph for more detail on what it shows.

Total number of airings of all ads matching your queries

Total airtime of advertisements in minutes, broken down by the functional type expressed: Acclaim (praising the candidate), Attack (attacking the other candidate), or Defend (countering attacks made by the other candidate)

Total airtime (in minutes) of advertisements, broken down by television channel, making it possible to see where advertising time was focused and any differences in the kinds of ads run on each channel. Airtime is further broken down by the functional type expressed: Acclaim (praising the candidate), Attack (attacking the other candidate), or Defend (countering attacks made by the other candidate).

Total airtime (in minutes) of advertisements, broken down by the primary candidate focused on by the ad. An ad may mention multiple candidates, but it is cataloged under the focal candidate that was mentioned the most. Airtime is further broken down by the functional type expressed: Acclaim (praising the candidate), Attack (attacking the other candidate), or Defend (countering attacks made by the other candidate).

Total airtime (in minutes) of advertisements, broken down by the organization paying for the ad, making it possible to see who is paying for ads for/against a given candidate, etc. Airtime is further broken down by the functional type expressed: Acclaim (praising the candidate), Attack (attacking the other candidate), or Defend (countering attacks made by the other candidate).

Total airtime (in minutes) of advertising each candidate ran in shows starting during each hour, making it easy to see what times of day they targeted most heavily

Daily Timeline

The timeline below summarizes the total airtime of advertisements by day over the entire 65 day period, with results for "" shown to the left of the center line and results for "All Advertisements" shown to the right. Airtime is further broken down by the functional type expressed: Acclaim (praising the candidate), Attack (attacking the other candidate), or Defend (countering attacks made by the other candidate).

Ad Listing

The thumbnails below show all of the distinct advertisements matching your queries, ordered by how many times each was aired (see the number below each thumbnail). Click on any thumbnail to view a sample airing of that advertisement.

Advertisements Featuring ""

Advertisements Featuring "All Advertisements"

Times Aired: 531
Times Aired: 515
Times Aired: 500
Times Aired: 452
Times Aired: 421
Times Aired: 412
Times Aired: 412
Times Aired: 382
Times Aired: 371
Times Aired: 357
Times Aired: 354
Times Aired: 307
Times Aired: 294
Times Aired: 293
Times Aired: 291
Times Aired: 290
Times Aired: 271
Times Aired: 270
Times Aired: 268
Times Aired: 268
Times Aired: 266
Times Aired: 262
Times Aired: 260
Times Aired: 248
Times Aired: 246
Times Aired: 246
Times Aired: 245
Times Aired: 223
Times Aired: 221
Times Aired: 220
Times Aired: 193
Times Aired: 188
Times Aired: 184
Times Aired: 181
Times Aired: 179
Times Aired: 178
Times Aired: 165
Times Aired: 159
Times Aired: 157
Times Aired: 154
Times Aired: 153
Times Aired: 149
Times Aired: 142
Times Aired: 135
Times Aired: 129
Times Aired: 119
Times Aired: 114
Times Aired: 111
Times Aired: 100
Times Aired: 95
Times Aired: 87
Times Aired: 85
Times Aired: 85
Times Aired: 82
Times Aired: 77
Times Aired: 71
Times Aired: 66
Times Aired: 58
Times Aired: 51
Times Aired: 51
Times Aired: 46
Times Aired: 41
Times Aired: 36
Times Aired: 32
Times Aired: 31
Times Aired: 23
Times Aired: 15
Times Aired: 13
Times Aired: 11
Times Aired: 10
Times Aired: 9
Times Aired: 8
Times Aired: 3
Times Aired: 3

Show Listing

The specific television shows that a candidate runs their ads during offers powerful insights into the target demographics being sought by each candidate. The tables below summarize the total number of airings of ads matching your criteria that were run during each television show over the 65 day period. For selected news programming, a preview link is provided to view a sample airing of one of the advertisements that ran during that show.

All Shows Featuring ""


All Shows Featuring "All Advertisements"

1Action News852View
2Good Day Philadelphia651View
4Eyewitness News at 6558View
5Good Morning America443View
6Eyewitness News at 5362View
7NBC 10 News at 5pm331View
8Action News at Ten on PHL17313View
9CBS This Morning306View
10NBC 10 News at 6pm286View
11Eyewitness News at 11269View
12Fox 29 News at 10255View
13NBC 10 News at 11p252View
14Judge Judy234
15Dr. Phil233
16FOX 29 News at Five233View
17NBC 10 News Today at 600a228View
19Good Day Philadelphia at 9218View
20NBC 10 News at 4pm214View
21Action News 600 PM207View
22The Ellen DeGeneres Show205
23Fox 29 Morning News at 6a199View
24Late Show With David Letterman184
25The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon182
26Live With Kelly and Michael170
27Wheel of Fortune164
28Action News 530 PM156View
29Family Feud150
30Action News at 4pm132View
31The Insider132
33Fox 29 News at 6PM126View
34Talk Philly115
35Access Hollywood114
36NBC 10 News Today at 11a110View
37Rachael Ray107
38Modern Family105
39Entertainment Tonight103
40The Doctors99
41Action News 500 PM91View
42Eyewitness News at 53088View
43Lets Make a Deal83
44Steve Harvey75
45The Dr. Oz Show73
46Judge Mathis70
47The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson70
48The Price Is Right70
49The Big Bang Theory69
50Jimmy Kimmel Live68
51Fox29 Weekend66
52NBC Nightly News62View
53NBC 10 News Today at 500a58View
54The Meredith Vieira Show57
55Action News Weekend57View
56The Talk55
57The View53
58Eyewitness News at 430am52View
59Despierta America51
60Eyewitness News at 7am49View
61NBC 10 News at 9am48View
62Eyewitness News on the CW Philly48View
63Two and a Half Men46
64The Young and the Restless46
65College Football44
66Late Night With Seth Meyers43
67Action News Weekend 7AM42View
68NBC 10 News Today at 530a42View
69CBS News Sunday Morning40View
70Law Order Special Victims Unit39
71Como Dice el Dicho39
72CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley39View
73Eye Opener38
74NBC 10 News at 6am37View
75Primer Impacto Extra36View
76NBC 10 News Today at 430a36View
77Early Today36View
78El Gordo y la Flaca36
79TMZ Live35
80Eyewitness News at 8am34View
82Days of our Lives33
83Inside Edition31
84The Good Wife29
85Hot Bench29
86NFL Football29
87CBS This Morning Saturday27View
88Fox 29 Morning News at 5a27View
89The Peoples Court27
90Who Wants to Be a Millionaire24
91Dish Nation23
92The Voice23
93CSI Crime Scene Investigation23
94The Queen Latifah Show22
95ABC World News Tonight With David Muir21View
96Amorcito Corazon21
97Blue Bloods21
99La Familia P. Luche20
100NBC 10 News at 7am20View
101The Bold and the Beautiful20
102Fox 29 Morning News at 4a19View
103La Rosa de Guadalupe19
104Inside the Eagles19
105NBC 10 News at 530a19View
106Saturday Night Live18
107Football Night in America18
108In Depth With Graham Bensinger17
110Face the Nation17View
111NBC 10 News at 10am17View
112Dancing With the Stars16
113Hotel Todo Incluido16
114La Que No Podia Amar15
115Anger Management15
116Daytime Jeopardy14
117Meet the Press14View
118Clasicos de Sabado Gigante14
119The Simpsons14
120The Chew14
121Madam Secretary14
122World Series Pregame13
123FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace13View
124Election 2014 In Focus13
126Dateline NBC12View
127Inside Story12View
12860 Minutes12View
129Animation Domination High-Def11
130Mike Molly11
131Eyewitness News at 6am11View
132Fox Sports Sunday11
133Shark Tank11
134Fox 29 Game Day Live10
135The Blacklist10
136Americas Got Talent10
137Para Volver a Amar10
138Action News Weekend 6AM10View
139The Wendy Williams Show9
140Tu Dia Alegre9
141La Gata9
14248 Hours9
143Fox29 Sports Show9
145How I Met Your Mother9
146Tras la Verdad9
147NCIS New Orleans8
149Chicago Fire8
151Chicago PD8
152Paid Programming8
153NCIS Los Angeles8
154The Mysteries of Laura7
155Al Punto7
157The Office7
158The Better Show7
159Hawaii Five-07
160Action News 530 AM7View
161Noticiero Univision6View
162Football Night in Philly6
163NFL Thursday Night Kickoff6
164Primer Impacto6View
165Person of Interest6
167Sports Zone6
168NBC 10 High School Blitz6
169The King of Queens6
170Noticiero Univision Fin de Semana6View
172Noticias 655View
173FOX NFL Sunday5
174Noticiero 65 Edicion Nocturna5View
175Noticiero Univision Edicion Nocturna5View
176Action News at 1130 P5View
177Eyewitness News Sunday5View
178The Steve Wilkos Show5
179This Week With George Stephanopoulos5View
180How to Get Away With Murder4
181El Chavo Animado4
182White Collar4
183ABC World News Now4View
184Mi Corazon Es Tuyo4
185Sabado Gigante4
186Last Call With Carson Daly4
187Eagles Game Day Kickoff4
188Motorcycle Racing4
189Hasta el Fin del Mundo4
190FOX 29 News Special4View
192Eagles Game Plan4
193NBC 10 News at 5am4View
194The Amazing Race4
195Fiesta Mexicana4
196General Hospital4
197On the Money4
198La Malquerida4
200Inside Edition Weekend3
201OK TV3
202Countdown to the CMA Awards 15 Songs That Changed Country Music3
203The Biggest Loser3
204The NFL Today3
205Jane the Virgin3
206Under the Dome3
207FOX29 News at 113View
208ABC World News Tonight3View
209High School Huddle2
210Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen2
211The Middle2
2121st Look2
213Americas Court With Judge Ross2
219FOX MLB Pregame Show2
220Healthy Meals in Minutes2
221The OT2
2222014 Breeders Cup2
223Once Upon a Time2
224NBC 10 News2View
225The Secret Lives of Pets With Hoda Kotb2
226CBS Morning News2View
227The Mass2
228The Cleveland Show2
229Supreme Justice With Judge Karen Mills2
231Fox29 Post Game Report2
233Quiero Amarte2
234The Walking Dead2
235American Ninja Warrior2
237NFL Kickoff 20142
238Sleepy Hollow2
239La Mission2
240Open House2
241Eyewitness News Saturday2View
242Up to the Minute2View
244Americas Next Top Model1
246Q With Jian Ghomeshi1
247Festival Acapulco1
249Cita con Tu Salud1
251To Be Announced1
2522 Broke Girls1
254King of the Hill1
255World of X Games1
256Jerry Springer1
257Philly Pheud1
258Beautiful Homes Great Estates1
259The McCarthys1
260Programa Pagado1
261This Old House1
2642014 U.S. Open Tennis1
265Eagles Post Game Show1
266Americas Funniest Home Videos1
267American Dad1
268Fox29 Sports Sunday1
269Bachelor in Paradise1
270Aqui y Ahora1
271MLB Baseball1
272A to Z1
273The Millers1
274Republica Deportiva1
275Cougar Town1
279WNBA Basketball1
280Red Band Society1
281Under the Lights1
2822014 TCS New York City Marathon1
283Big Brother1
284NFL Postgame1
285Criminal Minds1
286Va Por Ti1
287Eagles Game Day Final1
290Made in Hollywood1
291Greys Anatomy1
292PHL17s In Focus1
293Storm Stories1
294Breakfast with the Candidates1
295Family Guy1
296George to the Rescue1
298Lauren Lakes Paternity Court1
299For the Love of Music The Story of Nashville1
300FOX College Football Extra1
301NASCAR Racing1
302Justice for All With Judge Cristina Perez1
304Celebrity Name Game1
305Sal y Pimienta1
306Hells Kitchen1

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